our coffee

Coffee is a pause, it demands time for itself, it creates a mood.

At Tuexte, we believe a great cup of coffee should be memorable, whether it be your first cup of the day or your final sip.

We approach our roasts with forethought in creating a unique and distinctive roast, one that brings out the intrinsic flavor notes of our selected specialty coffees. Our goal is to make our coffee a sensory experience.

To ensure we achieve the stamp of quality we strive for, we roast to order in small batches, and we cup every roast. Our whole bean roasted coffees fall within a range of medium roast to just a touch before the darker side of the roast. We feel that this is where we highlight the true flavor notes of our selected coffees.

Our featured coffees score 84 points and above, Specialty Coffee must score 80 points or above based on a 100-point scale. We select our coffees for their distinctive flavor profiles, their origins based on altitude, and their processes of cultivation.

We take great care in sourcing our coffees and support the efforts that will bring a better life for farming families around the world. We bring about this by ensuring that our coffees are traceable, fair trade, and ethically sourced.

Let us take you on a sensory adventure with our selection of coffees from around the world.