our brand

TUEXTE  | twes-te | noun.

What's in a name?

Tuexte is a play on words, a loose translation of the Spanish word tueste (roast) 

What inspired us to create Tuexte was a sense of curiosity, an invitation to explore specialty coffees of the world, and how these could be paired with great food and creating a mood, an interlude, or perhaps a time of quiet reflection.

As we embarked on our journey with coffee, we considered the significance of  how we enjoy certain flavors at different times of the day, where taste, scent, and touch all play a role in creating a mood. We believe that coffee encompasses all the senses, from the aroma that pulls you in, to the lingering taste that stamps a memory. 

At Tuexte, we understand that great coffee begins with dedication and great attention to detail. We follow the path of our coffee from its origin, starting from the farmers around the world to its arrival at our roastery. In our hands, coffee continues its trajectory and where we focus on bringing out its intrinsic flavor notes profile with our best tueste (roast).

We are coffee roasters, and our mission is to offer the best experience with specialty coffee from around the world.

So, let our coffee set the mood.