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ETHIOPIA | Bekele Belacho Bombe

ETHIOPIA | Bekele Belacho Bombe

 Bekele Belacho Bombe

The region of Ethiopia produces a coffee that has distinctive and complex flavor notes, with a heavier creamy body than other Ethiopian coffees. It can be described as having fruity and delicate floral notes. It is traced to a single farm with 100 shareholder neighbors.

This particular type of Ethiopian coffee is grown  at elevations over 2200 meters, is exceptional and has a fruity and complex taste with a variety of flavors including blackberry and blueberry flavors that linger on the tongue. We have roasted this coffee to balance and highlight its distinctive flavors, resulting in a medium to full-bodied coffee with medium acidity that pairs well with either sweet or savory foods. This coffee is definitely special, one that is memorable.

We are confident that you will love this delicious and one of a kind coffee from Ethiopia. We recommend enjoying it as a pour-over, filtered, prepared as a cortado or espresso.


F L A V O R  N O T E S

                                          Blackberry, butter cookie, dessert wine,

                                          green melon, honey, raspberry,

                                                     jasmine aroma, violet

                                                           V A R I E T A L S

                                                    Bourbon, Catuai, Typica

                                                            P R O C E S S


                                                            A L T I T U D E

                                                               2215 masl

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